Bluetooth Hack for Bad Guys

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with Bluetooth. And, to be perfectly honest, it leans a bit more toward the “hate” end of the spectrum. As a consumer using various Bluetooth-enabled devices, I’ve experienced the frustration (shared by many, I’m sure) of flaky and unreliable pairing, mysterious behavior, and general lack of user-friendliness. Much of this is the less-than-optimal design of systems … Read More → "Bluetooth Hack for Bad Guys"

Thank You for Your Service

“O wad some Power the giftie gie us / To see oursels as ithers see us!” – Robert Burns

We dread calling customer service because we know it’ll be a uniformly bad experience. The customer service “technicians” seem like ill-informed drones reciting canned suggestions in response to predetermined diagnostic questions, with no real idea how to – or incentive to – … Read More → "Thank You for Your Service"

How Do We Tackle Chip Security?

Security was huge at this summer’s DAC. By that, I don’t mean that you had to get frisked to get in; I mean that it was a hot topic of discussion. It came together at a luncheon hosted by the Accellera standards body, with further depth in a separate discussion with Accellera. The highest-level take-away would be… that we – and you – have a lot … Read More → "How Do We Tackle Chip Security?"

Survival of the Fittest

Evolution takes center stage this week’s episode of Fish Fry! To start things off, I investigate how a baby ostrich and a robotic dinosaur on a treadmill might have just helped solve the mystery of the evolution of avian flight.  Next, I chat with Rob Persons (Artseyn Embedded Technologies) about the evolution of tactical systems and the role encryption will play … Read More → "Survival of the Fittest"

Acceleration Battlefield

The market for accelerating specialized data center workloads is expected to grow dramatically over the next few years. The acceleration market was estimated to be in the two-billion-dollar range in 2018, and it is expected to grow to a staggering $21 billion by 2023 – around a 50% CAGR. This growth is not unexpected. The world is producing data at an exponentially growing rate. Estimates are that something like 90% of all … Read More → "Acceleration Battlefield"

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Posted on Aug 23 at 12:58pm by TotallyLost
The attack isn't about pairing events ... it's about link start up events. The attack targets the link negotiation process (after pairing) ... and the attack doesn't even require following the pairing process. It just needs to be ready for link negotiation (power up cycle or link restart after a disruption). See ...
Posted on Aug 23 at 11:45am by TotallyLost
Say the hackers BT device then negotiates keyboard/mouse emulation, then drives your device remotely.
Posted on Aug 23 at 11:43am by TotallyLost
Wow ... how many times have I heard that one "no evidence that the hack has ever been exploited maliciously" when just a few days later the script kiddies are shaking down the public for financial data. Pairing events rare??? So the script just jams the 2.4GHz spectrum for about a ...
Posted on Aug 20 at 12:04pm by Bryon Moyer
Many years ago, I managed a large group that worked mostly as you suggest. (I can't take credit for it; it was that way when I got there). All engineering students that wanted to work anywhere within marketing had to go through this group first, for 15 months of OJT. The ...
Posted on Aug 19 at 9:52am by Bryon Moyer
What are your thoughts on making silicon hardware more secure?
Posted on Aug 18 at 7:15pm by TotallyLost
At least in the short term, LLNL, ORNL, and Argonne are three $600M Exascale wins for Cray using traditional CPU/GPU architectures. And AMD made a huge 7nm bet for this one. The cool part is that Cray with their Shasta architecture introduced heterogeneous ...
Posted on Aug 15 at 12:11am by TotallyLost
And then, Cray and AMD wins the $600m El Capitan contract for a 1.5 exaflop super computer system, nearly an order of magnitude faster than Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s (ORNL) 150 petaflop system that's held the top spot for a few years. Some of the press reports are claiming AMD Epyc ...
Posted on Aug 12 at 8:51am by Bryon Moyer
What do you think of Mentor's use of AI for litho-friendly design?
Posted on Aug 5 at 8:58am by Bryon Moyer
Today we saw eSilicon's experience in the cloud; DH2i's new means of establishing secure, precise connections, and Excelfore's approach to uploading data when connectivity isn't guaranteed. What do you think about these things?
Posted on Jul 29 at 12:39pm by Bryon Moyer
What do you think of SureCore's approach to custom SRAM? And do you see Imec's metal hardmask as a game changer for SOT-MRAM?
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