The Fantastic Road Forward: The Future of 3D IC Design and the Discovery of Self-Replicating Living Robots

This week’s podcast is all about the future of 3D IC tools and methodologies and the newest advancement in xenobot research. Vinay Patwardhan (Cadence Design Systems) and I discuss the challenges engineers experience when designing 3D chips, where existing 3D-IC tools and methodologies fall short, and what type of analysis we need for a 3D stack system as opposed to a standard chip design. Also this week, I … Read More → "The Fantastic Road Forward: The Future of 3D IC Design and the Discovery of Self-Replicating Living Robots"

Renesas Announces Fabulous ForgeFPGA Family

It’s not often that I have the chance to introduce a new field-programmable gate array (FPGA) family, and even rarer that we get to greet a new FPGA vendor, so my cup runneth over because Renesas Electronics Corporation just leaped into the FPGA market with the announcement of a new line of very low-cost, very low-power, very interesting ForgeFPGA devices.

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Celebrating Eleven IEEE Milestones at the Computer History Museum

September 11 is a somber day of remembrance in the United States for the terrible events that took place 20 years ago, but, this year, it was also a happy day to quietly remember ten significant Silicon Valley Milestones. Brian Berg organized an outdoor event at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California to commemorate eleven IEEE Milestones that he helped to create.

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For Your Holiday Shopping Pleasure: Paco Rabanne’s New Fragrance for Men goes Electronic

Just in time for Black Friday, here’s a holiday gift idea for that hard-to-please nerd on your list: Phantom, Paco Rabanne’s new fragrance for men, has been electronified. Now you can have just what was missing in men’s colognes, … Read More → "For Your Holiday Shopping Pleasure: Paco Rabanne’s New Fragrance for Men goes Electronic"

Fish Fry Special Edition: Makers Today! OKdo

We are switching things up for our sixth installment of my new special edition series of our long-running Fish Fry podcast called “Makers Today!”, where we highlight the movers and shakers in the maker space. In this month’s episode, my guests are Katie Clubb and Richard Curtin from OKdo! Katie, Richard and I chat about OKdo’s mission to encourage inspiration with the Okdo Projects Hub, … Read More → "Fish Fry Special Edition: Makers Today! OKdo"

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Build, Deploy and Manage Your FPGA-based IoT Edge Applications

Sponsored by Mouser Electronics and Intel

Designing cloud-connected applications with FPGAs can be a daunting engineering challenge. But, new platforms promise to simplify the process and make cloud-connected IoT design easier than ever. In this episode of Chalk Talk, Amelia Dalton chats with Tak Ikushima of Intel about how a collaboration between Microsoft and Intel is pushing innovation forward with a new FPGA Cloud Connectivity Kit.

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Simplify building automation designs with MSP430

Sponsored by Texas Instruments

Find out how optimized building automation requires simple, flexible designs. With integrated, high-performance signal chain, MSP430 MCUs can enable high-accuracy motion detection, sensing and motor control to take performance and efficiency to the next level.

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Architecture All Access: Modern FPGA Architecture

Sponsored by Intel

In this 20-minute video, Intel Fellow Prakash Iyer takes you on a journey within the architecture of an FPGA, starting with simple logic gates and then moving up through architecture, design, and applications. Along the way, he answers many questions you might have about FPGAs, even if you’ve worked with FPGAs for years.

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Posted on Dec 5 at 7:20am by BillM
Here's the link to Lee Boysel's 2016 presentation at UofM covering the years 1963-71. Just under 1 hour long.
Posted on Dec 3 at 2:48pm by plinnie
I've played with GreenPAK devices. They're pretty awesome, though a bit to analog-y for me. This however is pretty awesome. Too bad it's not on the market yet ... And too bad VHDL is not yet supported. We lov... err ... use it a lot here in Europe :-)
Posted on Dec 3 at 1:26pm by gene plichota
I expected Grow Your Own Bot to be more leafy
Posted on Dec 3 at 1:00pm by Nathan_J
Dave, In answer to your questions: 1) Does this baby have an SPI interface for host micro to load new configuration into NVRAM? Or what? Answer 1: The active registers on the parts in this family are SRAM based. The user has the option to load these registers from internal NVM (OTP ...
Posted on Dec 3 at 12:24pm by Max Maxfield
Hi Dave -- awesome questions -- re (2) I do know that it's currently Verilog only. Re (1) and (3), I'm going to ask my chum Nathan John at Silego / Dialog / Renesas if he can respond to your questions (or tell me the answers so I can respond). Regards -- Max (1/2 man, 1/2 beast, 1/2 ...
Posted on Dec 3 at 4:39am by DaveN
Hi Max! Hope you are well. A few details we're all wondering about: 1) Does this baby have an SPI interface for host micro to load new configuration into NVRAM? Or what? 2) VHDL, verilog, both, other? 3) Price/function comparison with low-end Lattice parts? Thanks Max! See ya, Dave
Posted on Dec 2 at 3:04am by jackganssle
Great analysis, Steve. What about Pico Electronics in Glenrothes, Scotland, which partnered with General Instruments to build a calculator chip called the PICO1? That part reputedly debuted in 1970, and had the CPU as well as ROM and RAM on a single chip. I can't find much about this part.
Posted on Dec 1 at 7:47pm by HKellman1
Lee Boysel was a great guy and fellow Michigan Alumn - my degree MBA 1968. I owned private stock in Four Phase Systems. If you are not commercially successful, you are forgotten to history. Lee's complex chips had a terrible yield. I knew my investment was in trouble when they passed ...
Posted on Nov 24 at 6:42am by JimLewis
I just read the first 10 pages of the court case. I think just stating the conclusion egregiously misrepresents the general situation: > But we hold that the copying here at issue nonetheless constituted a fair use. Hence, Google’s copying did not violate the copyright law The key points that ...
Posted on Nov 18 at 4:03pm by Steven Leibson
Happy to meet another Mostek 3870 user, DavidSG. We're rare as hen's teeth although Wikipedia claims that the F8/3870 architecture was once very popular. Nothing like the 8051 or the prolific PIC series, though.
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Dec 3, 2021
Hard to believe it's already December and 11/12ths of a year's worth of CFD is behind us. And with the holidays looming, it's uncertain how many more editions of This Week in CFD are... [[ Click on the title to access the full blog on the Cadence Community sit...
Dec 3, 2021
Explore automotive cybersecurity standards, news, and best practices through blog posts from our experts on connected vehicles, automotive SoCs, and more. The post How Do You Stay Ahead of Hackers and Build State-of-the-Art Automotive Cybersecurity? appeared first on From Si...
Dec 3, 2021
Believe it or not, I ran into John (he told me I could call him that) at a small café just a couple of evenings ago as I pen these words....
Nov 8, 2021
Intel® FPGA Technology Day (IFTD) is a free four-day event that will be hosted virtually across the globe in North America, China, Japan, EMEA, and Asia Pacific from December 6-9, 2021. The theme of IFTD 2021 is 'Accelerating a Smart and Connected World.' This virtual event ...
Sensor Technologies Here to Stay: Post-pandemic
Sponsored by Infineon
Today sensor technology has become integral to our everyday lives. And in the future, sensor technology will mean even more than it does today. In this episode of Chalk Talk, Amelia Dalton chats with David Jones from Infineon about the future of sensor technologies and how they are going to impact our lives in the post-pandemic world. They investigate how miniaturization, built-in antennas in-package and the evolution of radar technology have helped usher in a whole new era of sensing technologies and how all of this and more will help us live healthier and happier lives.
Nov 30, 2021
Tame the SiC Beast - Unleash the Full Capacity of Silicon Carbide
Sponsored by Mouser Electronics and Microchip
Wide band gap materials such as silicon carbide are revolutionizing the power industry. At the same time, they can also introduce byproducts including overheating, short circuits and over voltage. The question remains: how can we use silicon carbide without those headache-inducing side effects? In this episode of Chalk Talk, Amelia Dalton chats with Rob Weber from Microchip about Microchip’s patented augmented switching technology can make those silicon carbide side effects a thing of the past while reducing our switching losses up to 50% and accelerating our time to market as well.
Nov 30, 2021
TE's Dynamic Series for Robotics
If you are designing a robot, a drive system, or any electromechanical system, the dynamic series of connectors from TE Connectivity might be a great solution for your next design. In this episode of Chalk Talk, Amelia Dalton chats with Jennifer Love from TE Connectivity about the design requirements common in robotic applications and why this new flexible connector with its innovative three point contact design, audible locking system, and dedicated tooling make it a great solution for all kinds of robotic designs.
Nov 19, 2021
Machine Learning with Microchip
Sponsored by Mouser Electronics and Microchip
Can you design a machine learning application without a deep knowledge in machine learning? Yes, you can! In this episode of Chalk Talk, Amelia Dalton chats with Yann Le Faou from Microchip about a machine learning approach that is low power, includes an expertise in communication and security, and is easy to implement.
Nov 9, 2021
Introducing Vivado ML Editions
Sponsored by Xilinx
There are many ways that machine learning can help improve our IC designs, but when it comes to quality of results and design iteration - it’s a game changer. In this episode of Chalk Talk, Amelia Dalton chats with Nick Ni from Xilinx about the benefits of machine learning design optimization, what hierarchical module-based compilation brings to the table, and why extending a module design into an end-to-end flow can make all the difference in your next IC design.
Nov 9, 2021
High Voltage Charging Solution for Energy Storage & Backup Systems
Today there is growing demand for energy storage with more power, longer range, and longer run time. But the question remains: how can we increase our energy storage given the energy storage mediums on the market today? In this episode of Chalk Talk, Amelia Dalton chats with Anthony Huyhn from Analog Devices about the benefits of high voltage energy storage, why stacked battery cells are crucial to these kinds of systems, how high voltage energy storage systems can reduce conduction loss exponentially and what kind of high voltage charging solutions from Analog Devices are on the market today.
Nov 5, 2021